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January 2010 Blog Posts (5)

There's No Need To Have A Crazy Heart

Jeff Bridges new film, "Crazy Heart" had the amazing performance of it's livelihood. Same with Maggie Gyllenhaal's next best effort after 2008's "The Dark Knight." The concept was great but had too many smoking scenes that overlapped more of the drinking scenes.

Based on a novel about a country music singer, Bad Blake was fully understood where the end had to tie in the knot. The story relied on and surrounded the character development of Bad Blake. There was nothing wrong with the acting… Continue

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Get Your Tape Measure Out And Find Where ‘Extraordinary’ Reads: Extraordinary Measures Should Be Around There Somewhere

After both blockbuster films that came out in 2008, “Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D,” and “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” Brendan Frasier steps into the spotlight of a true story with ‘Indiana Jones’s Harrison Ford. Both in their battle and struggle to save John Crawley’s son and daughter that has Pompe, “Extraordinary Measures” does have hope in means of scientific breakthroughs. It is amazing what scientists do today that find the means to save a life with a type of enzyme.… Continue

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How Many Are There In An Army Of Legion’s?

Paul Bettany and Dennis Quaid star in this middle-of-no-where film called, “Legion.” This amazingly, riveting film that has it’s humors and wits about it at the right time. Looking at Dennis Quaid’s acting career throughout the years, has made outstanding progress. This film can be looked at mainly by his fault. He curses up a storm at unexpected moments and tries to talk like a hot shot. As an old enough father, that he portrays in “Legion,” really impresses the thought of how he pulled it… Continue

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Reading, Reviewing And Returning The Book Of Eli

Denzel Washington portrayed in many great films before ever starring in a film that deals with the aftermath of this world destroyed. That would be The Book of Eli. It made an outstanding accomplishment from the beginning page to the end. Not knowing Denzel Washington's character an hour and a half into the film, became as an amazing approach than any other films. The environment and the setting of the Book Of Eli reminds us in a particular way of Will Smith's 2007 film "I Am Legend." Gary… Continue

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Lovely? Let's tear The Lovely Bones apart by it's wishbone

Cliche's can save or destroy a film, depending on how they use it. Peter Jackson, the world renowned director of The Lord of the Rings films, enters through the door of a little girls room in The Lovely Bones. The Walls of Susie Salmon's room are described in the film as her heavenly place. Susie Salmon, played by Saoirse Ronan, had her head and voice in there a lot more. The character development of Susie Salmon was at it's best where the voice over narrative, at certain parts, were important… Continue

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