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Lovely? Let's tear The Lovely Bones apart by it's wishbone

Cliche's can save or destroy a film, depending on how they use it. Peter Jackson, the world renowned director of The Lord of the Rings films, enters through the door of a little girls room in The Lovely Bones. The Walls of Susie Salmon's room are described in the film as her heavenly place. Susie Salmon, played by Saoirse Ronan, had her head and voice in there a lot more. The character development of Susie Salmon was at it's best where the voice over narrative, at certain parts, were important and explainable.
Mark Wahlberg's character, in The Lovely Bones, is an accountant that mentions, "you can tell a lot about a person by the way they use their money." That is true. The film was good for a few motto's. There wasn't much character development in his role of the film. Stanley Tucci, that played the bad guy, in the film, was struggling. He kept on trying and trying and failed until, near the end, he finally grasped on to it. After all, it was very diferent from the novel in which it was adopted from.
Susie Salmon, in the movie, was murdered. In the book, she was raped. The way Stanley Tucci was portrayed in the film, was a pedophile. In other films that he did, this was nothing like his acting career.
To see The Lovely Bones, make sure there's a bottle of water to help get through the 2 hours and 15 minutes when the emotional parts catch up to you. It races up pretty fast a little later. Susan Sarandon's character wasn't explained all that much. Even though, as a point of a smoker in the film, she was despised by Susie's brother. That gives a good knock in the head to others who smoke around people, thinking that they look cool. That [cigarette smoking] was the worst gesture ever since it began in the 1940's.
If a loved one has been taken away or passed on, this is the film to se just to grieve more and see the cliched ending. The cliched ending which is like saying, "what you do to others will catch up to you one day," "what comes around goes around," or "watch out for people who don't know how to use their money properly." It has an emotional atack but the problem with the storyis that it was not written all that well when it was inching close to it's final fade out. The direction was failing but was not Peter Jackson's best film.
There were parts being thrown off here and there in The Lovely Bones where the brother said that he saw Susie in his room and through the drawings. Was she dead or not dead? There were two scenes that became confusing and also my life long partner, Gaby, was saying that Susie was in her own little world like the song from Eiffel 65, "World in the world." Not necessarily. She was murdered and ended up in the walls of her own bedroom that was her own made up heaven. Everyone's perspective on that is very different.
Lastly, the acting in The Lovely Bones held up to some sort of advantage. Every little partwas a struggle for Peter Jackso to visualize an involuntarily part with something disturbing [pedophilia] and the atmospheric approach to being able to cope after emotional sadness. There was the predictable parts that was laid out after Susie's older sister broke into the pedophile's house stealing his architecture book. That became known and that's where most of the cliches fell into place that destroyed the film.

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