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How Many Are There In An Army Of Legion’s?

Paul Bettany and Dennis Quaid star in this middle-of-no-where film called, “Legion.” This amazingly, riveting film that has it’s humors and wits about it at the right time. Looking at Dennis Quaid’s acting career throughout the years, has made outstanding progress. This film can be looked at mainly by his fault. He curses up a storm at unexpected moments and tries to talk like a hot shot. As an old enough father, that he portrays in “Legion,” really impresses the thought of how he pulled it off. An upset father to a son, who got a girl pregnant, made the conflict of the film at a fast pace. Everything was caught up at the right moment.
Paul Bettany, as the archangel Michael, comes back as the protagonist. He, who did the voice of Jarvis in “Iron Man” and the antagonist ordered by the Opus Dei in “The DaVinci Code,” takes over 65 percent of the film. His acting role made a successful hit. With or without wings, the character he played soared to new heights. His acting career finally kicked off with a hole in the wall and gun shots. People turning into demonically possessed angels behind the wheel of a car or a police officer’s head changing into a beast, really concocted the direction in the film around Paul Bettany’s character. It is, as if the antagonists had certain battles before the film carried on.
Speaking of which about direction in “Legion,” it became the universal solvent. Like water that is the solvent in science, there has to be a mixture of the solute. Legion was a little off scale but held up some sort of potential. It had the direction in the storyline but the action scenes were a little too much at times. The storyline itself, “it’s not you but the baby must be protected.” The knocked up girl, that’s pregnant in the film, gives birth to a boy named Gabriel… Sounds a little to biblical. Maybe it’s a spiritual/religious clichéd film in desperation for others to change the words in the bible about God and angels. That was the boring yet, cult opposing film ever made. They should’ve left something’s out for the better of it.
The storyline was there but the way it was written, did closely match. But not too close. It was five points away from failing, but the end almost saved the film. It did leave others thinking, what were the words of the prophet? and what did those inscriptions mean that were tattooed on the archangels body? Some of these were left out somewhere towards the end where it may conclude with a sequel for further explanations. By maintaining the film without any sequels or open doors as an attachment, it should’ve been written better with more dialogue on the characters played. Over all, I give it a marginal thumbs up and with two and a half stars.

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