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Rachel Galvin's Blog – August 2008 Archive (9)

Audition Woes & Zombie Transformations

The process of auditioning can often suck. You constantly need to prove your worth. I know well what you are supposed to do, but don't always do it. In this case, I let myself get distracted by someone else's audition and let it color (or change) what I was intending to do. Now, I suppose I am the only one that knows that. I have no idea how the audition looked to others. I am sure it was adequate. But I wanted drop mouth to the floor spectacular. I guess I am a perfectionist in that way. I… Continue

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I heard about Jack Zink passing away tonight. I was shocked. I didn't know he was sick. I didn't know Jack well but back when I was a theater critic for New Times, he was always so kind to me. In a group of curmudgeon reporters, he always was the one to an extend a welcome to me and make me feel part of the old school group. He was a very kind and sincere man and I am saddened that he is gone. It is a loss to our community.

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Need an Agent?

Look at:

Tip: Call them and ask where to email your headshot. They will get back to you if interested. They are always busy so can cut you off. Be brief and to the point, no small talk.

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Acting Classes

Contact IndependentStreak member Michael Haney if you are interested in a Scene Study class. He teaches the principals of Sanford Meisner and how to live truthfully in the imaginary circumstances. His classes are held in Palm Beach. His school is called Palm Beach Acting School.

Interested in a Commericial class? Needing to learn the basics? New to the biz? Contact IndependentStreak member/ founder Rachel Galvin, who will be starting these acting classes soon in either Boca or… Continue

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Director Tommy Nelson, featured now in, is doing a new short film called "End of the Living," a zombie film. This will be his second film and will be created under the name Forgotten Films.

He is looking for a couple of extras. You will get credit and a copy of the movie. The film will be screened on the big screen in West Palm Beach upon completion and all extras will be considered for later work.... no guarantees, but it's a great foot in the door with an… Continue

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* Before going into an audition, I always try to do some vocal exercises -- usually on the way there.

* When you slate, make sure to not say your name as a question (lifting your voice as if in a questioning format). Be confident, smile.

*Try to look up from the script (if a cold read) as much as possible without losing your place.

*Ask questions about the character if needed before auditioning. Keep it brief.

***Don't know what a slate is? Need more… Continue

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IT's the 9th, not the 8th

It's on the 9th, not the 8th for the casting!

Interested? Call Velma at Famous Faces before 3 p.m. at 954.321.8883. Tell her Rachel sent you and you are a member of IndependentStreak.

I will be there that day too!

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There is a TV Food show looking for extras. I believe it is on the 8th, possibly the 9th. It is minimal hours and pays $75!!! Call for more information -- Velma at Famous Faces --954.321.8883


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