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Adrien Brody, from King Kong, The Darjeeling Limited and The Brothers Bloom, stars in this film as a scientist. Amazingly taking the role as Clive Nicoli, he knew his experiment, what he was getting into and what mistake he could fall in love with, making it hard for him to believe the dangers if he and his girlfriend let it loose out in the world for everyone to see.

It had the structure of the popular 1997 horror flick, "The Relic" and "Species" film at the same time. When you compare Splice to those two films, you can see where it gets those roots from... Just remember the hot looks of something can also be deadly, deceiving or dangerous.

So "Splice" has what it takes for a science fiction horror film. Beware of the actress who stars as Dren. It will blow your mind.

DNA spliced with human, animal and plant life made this film alive and breath-taking. Not knowing that later on in the film, this girl hybrid has wings and reptile spikes coming out of her back like an iguana.

This hybrid of a human may not know how to handle a pet or eat a nice cooked rabbit all that well. In Italy they do serve cooked rabbit to you... My parents had it over there when they were on summer vacation in 2006. I just heard that it tastes like butter.

When someone says, "please pass the splice" you know that they would borrow the film on dvd. It is worth seeing in theaters where at the same time, it really isn't.

Splice has it's good, interesting and bad points. It was sooo good where it was so bad at the same time. Complications don't linger where the mysterious points just hang on to the edge. You are hooked on to it in one way of another.

Just imagine how Brody is going to be like in the film Predators.

As a mild recommendation with marginal thumbs up, I give it 3 stars.

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