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So the beginning was a little contemplating, trying to understand why there were all these news channels and how funny they became...

Before that was a music video called, "African Child." A stereotypical-like racist point of view in the film some say that was the worst.

Does a music video tank and then raise up to the top later, when this music artist, played by Russell Brand, isn't really doing well on sobering up? He learns from Jonah Hill's character, in which Jonah Hill wouldn't stop making anyone laugh. Just like one of Judd Apatow's greatest films like "Knocked Up" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin," he directed this greatest debut that makes sense.

Get Him To The Greek comes the title after the music video and the news channels that had parodies to them. After that, there is a 72 hour period for Jonah to get Snow (played by Russell Brand) over to the Greek theater in Los Angeles. His boss, portrayed by Sean P Diddy Combs, was amazingly hilarious. The entire cast did rock the film at the same time where it had to come down moral reasons.

Moral reasons include, knowing how to have self control, being able to play things safe, doing what feels right when you have that self control and not being used up by the wrong instruments. For the rock star Snow, he used the wrong instruments such as the cocaine candy, smoking and drinking heavy alcohol. Scotch and whiskey, huh? Not a good mix that goes into your stomach Aaron (portrayed by Jonah Hill). That's why he threw up at least three times in the film.

Written as one of this summers greatest comedies, it sure does beat MacGruber that was never good enough. MacGruber bombed and went down hill. Get Him To The Greek soared and most of all made sense.

It made sense in the story. After all 3 1/2 stars I give it and a recommendation. Two thumbs up with the supporting role in the cast and the entire film, "Get Him To The Greek."

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