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 By Rachel Galvin

On Feb. 7, Chris Alonso's "Not For Human Consumption" had its in-theater release. It was shown at AMC Aventura 24 on this day several times to sold-out crowds.

The film stars Michael Rispoli, Nick Thurston, Maddy Curley, Justin Sims and so many other national and local talent. For a full cast list, visit IMDB. It is also based on a true story. It follows Jay Trotta, a man who ends up in prison for shooting his drug dealer and is looking for a new lease on life. When he finds an opportunity to get a leg up, he grabs at the chance. The winfall that falls into his lap is a new "herbal incense" that has similar properties as smoking marijuana ... and it's"legal." The money pours in, but his relationships fall apart as he brings his friend into the business, but keeps his girlfriend in the dark. Torn between his conscience and his wallet, he is forced to make some hard choices when the going gets tough.

Alonso's film has already won several awards on the film festival circuit and received a positive response. Alonso has been working in film in the South Florida area for many years behind the scenes, as a cinematographer, grip, gaffer, you name it, or in front of the camera as an actor in films like "Lost Angel." He has done several short films, but this is his first feature.


Congrats, Chris!

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