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By Rachel Galvin

Considered one of the greatest comedians by many, Sid Caesar, who died at 91 was a comedian, saxophonist, composer, actor and musician. He was seen regularly on "Your Show of Shows" in the 1950s, "The Carol Burnett Show," "The Bob Hope Show" and the "Danny Thomas Show" in the 60s, and had his own show in 1958. He as in films like "It's a Mad, Mad, mad, mad World," "Blazing Saddles," "History of the World Part I," "Grease 2," "Cannonball Run." Called by some "the Charlie Chaplain of television," he was nominated for an Emmy 11 times and won twice.

Caesar, born to Jewish immigrants, more recently in 2013, he was a part of the documentary "When Comedy Went to School," directed by Mevlut Akkaya and Ron Frank and composed on all Jewish comedians like Jerry Stiller, Jackie Mason and Jerry Lewis, among others.

On hearing about Caesar's passing, Frank said,   "For me, to be lucky enough to have met such a comic genius was certainly an honor and privilege. He taught us the secret to getting through life - make a little fun of it.  He did that even during our interview with him while he was under some physical pain.  After many screenings, people have thanked us for capturing icons like Sid so their kids can discover the laughter and remember too.  I met Sid's daughter Karen who expressed her gratitude to us for doing this film and including her dad and mom, Florence.  We are fortunate and grateful to have Sid in our story for future generations.  A fitting tribute.  He will be missed but never forgotten."

Writer/ producer, Lawrence Richards added,  "Sid Caesar was my inspiration for writing "When Comedy Went to School." I idolized him growing-up; his comedic genius was boundless. His brilliance at sketch comedy, improvisation and satirizing previously un-touched topics was edgy, ground-breaking and courageous. This at a time when television humour consisted of men in drag, slapstick and clown-like stunts. I came to love and admire Sid even more after I interviewed him. He was a remarkable performer; a remarkable man." 


WHEN COMEDY WENT TO SCHOOL opens in South Florida theaters this Friday, Feb. 14.

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