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Long-time talent agent Sherry Reichert dies

By Rachel Galvin

Local Florida actors are mourning the loss of long-time agent Sherry Reichert, who passed away on Feb. 4.

Known as a straight-shooter, Reichert always has told it like it is. Before becoming an agent, she also was a dancer, a singer and an actor. She played in theatrical performances like "Fiddler on the Roof" and "How to Succeed in Business," and other musicals and films. See her acting work in "Summer Job," directed by Paul Madden (1989). She began as an extra and went on to help a lot of background actors in their quest to get on set. She enjoyed being behind the scenes and coaching actors. She is known as a tough cookie with a heart. She was as strong as they come and has battled illness, including three different types of Cancers. She continued to put a smile on her face and soldier on. Those who had the pleasure to meet her were charmed by her honesty, integrity and pure grit.

She owned Miami Talent from 1982 for 10 years before becoming a Talent Coordinator at Famous Faces Entertainment and eventually moving on to be owner at Exceptional Events Entertainment.

With over 30 years  of experience, she booked actors in all the major projects from shows back in the 80s to more current productions like "The Glades" and "Burn Notice."

Sherry was one of the first agents in South Florida for I.S. Founder Rachel Galvin, who says, "Sherry was tough from the get-go. I wasn't sure what to make of her when I first met her. I had just moved from LA to Florida in 2000 and didn't get back into acting until 2004. I didn't know the Florida system. Sherry looked at my pics and immediately said my shots were all wrong and I needed Bob Lasky. She seemed harsh, and I had just left LA where everyone was harsh. She could stand up to them easily. The look she gave me, I thought for sure she would say 'No thanks.' Instead, she took me on... with pictures and all. "Yeah, we can use them," she finally said. She asked me if I spoke Spanish. I did my best Spanish Improv. She seemed to approve. Although I talked to her or to her assistants when being booked for jobs, I didn't go into the office [which was a bad idea] and, eventually, stopped doing extra work, so I wasn't really using her services anymore. She saw me probably four years later. I thought she had forgotten me. But she remembered me immediately. She even remembered the details of our conversation to a tee. Every time I saw her at an event, she hugged me and remembered me well. She will be missed."

A celebration of Sherry Reichert's life will take place at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014 at Star of David Funeral Chapel of the Palm Beaches, 9321 Memorial Park Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33412 | 561-627-2277 .

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