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By Rachel Galvin

Told in black and white photos and videos, the story of Sir Nicholas Winton, the Englishman who helped the save 669 Czech and Slovak children before WW2 broke out, is a real tear-jerker. The pain of the parents who were forced to let their children flee to England in order to save their lives tears at the heart strings. But this is not a melancholy movie. It actually is life-affirming. At the end of the documentary, Winton, a very humble man, is finally given the recognition he deserves and shown how the children he saved not only went on to live full lives, but also gave birth to children and grandchildren who were inspired by Winton's generosity and created their own ways of giving back and helping children around the world. This is a beautiful and touching film. History buffs will dive into the footage and first-hand accounts, but anyone can enjoy this story that really touches on what it is to be a good human being.

Winton is now being considered for a Nobel Peace Prize. Many are seeking signatures for an international petition in this effort. He already was knighted by Queen Elizabeth and has received other accolades. Now 103, Winton remains at home in London while his son, Nick, tells his stories abroad. He is visiting the local Florida area right now (1/9/13) to promote the movie.

The film, directed by Matej Minac, opens Jan. 11.

Look for the film in the following theaters: North Miami - Intracoastal Mall 8 / Fort Lauderdale - Cinema Paradiso / Tamarac - The Last Picture Show at Tamarac 5 / Boca Raton - Living Room Theaters , Delray Beach - Movies of Delray / Lake Worth - Movies of Lake Worth / Lake Park - Mos’Art Theatre


Nick Winton, son of Sir Nicholas Winton, and Kindertransport survivors will hold Q&A discussions before and/or after the following screenings at South Florida theaters. (Regular ticket prices apply.) He already conducted a talk at a few local schools.

Saturday, January 12th - 7:00, 9:25pm
Movies of Delray - Delray Beach, FL

Sunday, January 13th - 12:00, 12:05, 12:10 & 12:15pm
Living Room Theatres - Boca Raton, FL

Sunday, January 13th - 3:30pm
The Last Picture Show - Tamarac, FL

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