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By Rachel Galvin

"Any Day Now," directed by Travis Fine is a powerful story about a gay couple in the late '70s attempting to adopt a mentally disabled child (with Down's Syndrome) after his druggie mom is incarcerated.

(Some spoilers):

The film begins with Rudy (Alan Cumming) lip synching his heart out with pals at a gay bar and catching the eye of the slick-looking Paul (Garret Dillahunt), who is watching him intently, looking out of place in his conservative ensemble. The attraction is electric and instant and the unlikely duo (Rudy is a drag queen and Paul works for the DA's office) form a fast relationship. Marco (Isaac Leyva), who is 14 and will turn 15, enters their life by accident as his absent mother's (Jamie Anne Allman)blaring music annoys Rudy enough to prompt him to enter Marco's open apartment to turn it down. It is then he discovers the neglect the boy has suffered and soon, when she is picked up by vice, he knows that he must take the boy under wing. He asks his new love, Paul, for assistance. Weary at first, Paul finds his way and his assistance leads to Rudy moving in with Marco into Paul's home. Things go a step further when the mom agrees to sign papers to allow temporary custody. But all is not easy for the new family. As they try to create a "normal" life for Marco, including schooling with teacher, Miss Flemming (Kelli Williams), and as Paul tries to climb the ladder of success with a nosy boss looking over his every move, life gets complicated and people start asking questions. Their life is about to fall apart and the fight will begin to keep their loving family together.

With a top notch cast, this film packs a powerful punch. The message of equality is clear, but the overriding theme is love and what is in the interest of the child. Unfortunately, the uncaring system turns a blind eye to justice. The characters really hold the viewer's interest and bring a wave of emotions -- anger, frustration, sadness and some laughter.

"Any Day Now" is now showing (opened 1/25) at the following theaters: South Beach 18, Living Room Theaters, Regal Delray Beach, Lake Worth Playhouse, Mos' Art Theatre.

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