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Humanitarian Awards WITA 2013

Kimberly Shenker Bacardi

William Kennedy

Bill Malesich

Maritza Bedoya

Walter Chacon

Honorary Women in the Arts Icon Award

Sophia Vergara

Miami's Iconic Women

Athina Kiloumi

Lynn Martinez Deco Drive

Mercedes Soler CNN NotiMujer

Alexis Echevarria

Ellen Jacoby

Veronica Vergera

Adriana Catano

Diana Laura

Sonya Smith

Alba Raquel Barros

Maria Celeste Arraras

Viviana Gabeiras

Adriana de Moura

Yvonne McCormack Lyons

Adrianna Barrazza

Elisa Lipisky

Entertainment Show of the Year

Noti Mujer CNN espanol

Radio Hosts of the year

Natalia de la Cruz Power 96

Screen Writer of the Year

Jonathan Vinazza

Model of the Year

Estefania Rebellon

Show Host of the Year

Ivellise Santos

Reporter of the Year

Gigi Diaz

Photographer of the Year (tie)

RJ Coleman

Stacey O'Neill

Publicist of the year

Lissette Rondon

Best Actress in Theatre

Alba Raquel

Best Actor in Theatre

Miguel Sahid

Nominations Filmaker of the Year

Ika Santamaria

Producer of the Year

Frank Marrero

Best Film Director

Alyn Darnay

Actor in Film of the year

Carlos Guerrero

Actress in Film of the year

Cristina Figarola

Best Talent Agent/Agency

Karen Greer Talent

Casting Director of the year

Ellen Jacoby

Web Radio Show 

Rachel Galvin- Indie Streak

Hair Stylist of the year

Effie Limor

Full Length Movie of the Year

Promises - Carlos Guerrero

Pret A Porte Fashion Designer of the Year

Viviana Gabieras

Fashion Designer Swimwear of the year

Zamora Swimwear ( Linda Zamora)

Short Film of the year

Scar - Cristina Figarola

Make Up Artist of the Year

Cathy Canavan

Magazine of the Year

Ocean Drive Magazine

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